School Policies

Every day your child will be learning new benchmark targets at Calvert Elementary! We will also be reviewing previously taught benchmarks and expanding our understanding of math, language arts, science and social studies concepts. It is important to your child's academic success that your child is at school every day. Please contribute to your child's success today and in the future by making sure your child attends school every day. If you child does need to miss school due to illness or doctor's appointment, please send a note with your child when he/she returns to school. If your child is absent more than one day, please call Calvert and leave a message for your child's teacher so that you can be given make-up work to prevent your child from getting behind in classes.

Calvert Elementary begins instruction each morning at 7:30 A.M. Students arriving after 7:35 A.M. will be marked tardy. Students arriving to school after 9:30 A.M. will be marked absent. Attendance records are kept daily and parents will be contacted if there are extensive absences or tardies. It is important to your child's success that your child is in his/her classroom each morning at 7:30 A.M. so that your child can get his or her day off to a good start.

Change of Address
For emergency purposes, we must have updated information on each student. Please notify your child's teacher of any changes of address, phone number(s), or emergency contact person(s).

Car Riders
Any parent picking up their child as a car rider, must remain in the vehicle and display the name of the child on a Calvert sign. The school will provide the Calvert Car sign. The staff on duty will bring the child to your vehicle. Parents will not be allowed to walk up and retrieve their child from the front of the school.

Building Security
Calvert Elementary sets high standards for learning, behavior, and safety. Ensuring a safe and secure learning environment is a high priority for everyone. For your child’s safety, please remember the following safety policies.

Parents and relatives that visit Calvert Elementary between 7:15 A.M. and 3:30 P.M. will need to first stop at the office, present a valid Texas ID card (such as a driver license) and obtain a visitor’s pass. The pass must be worn at all times while you are visiting our school. If you wish to talk with your child’s teacher, please make an appointment at least 24 hours before you would like to meet. Teachers cannot interrupt instructional time to talk with parents. However, we would like to encourage parents to take the time to meet with their child's teacher. 

Calvert Elementary utilizes V-Soft. V-Soft helps track visitors, students, faculty, contractors and volunteers at our school, providing a safer more monitored environment. When you obtain a visitor's pass or come into the office to pick-up your child from school, your Texas ID is scanned into this system. This system has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of our school.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to ensure that every child receives a safe, secure and orderly learning community!!!

Do not drop off your child at Calvert Elementary before 7:00 A.M. Duty for staff members does not begin until 7:00 A.M., therefore, students will not be allowed to enter the building prior to 7:00 A.M. Parents entering the building will need to stop at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. Students eating breakfast at Calvert will proceed directly to the cafeteria when they arrive and will then report to their grade level's, morning warm-up activity room. Students who do not need to eat go directly to their grade level's, morning warm-up activity room. Students arriving after 7:35 A.M must go directly to their classroom.

Monday and Wednesday - Reading Homework Tuesday and Thursday - Math Homework To help keep you informed of the benchmarks and skills we are learning in class as well as to provide your child with extra grade level skill practice, your child will have homework every day. Each homework assignment will include a learning goal. Unless a note is sent home stating otherwise, your child has homework every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All students will be homework free on Fridays. Each student will receive feedback on their homework assignments. If at any time you have questions about what your child is learning at school, your child's homework or your child's progress, please call the school and leave a message for your child's teacher so that the teacher can contact you to answer your questions. We feel it is essential for parents, students and teachers to work together as a team. Research has shown that children are more successful at school when parents play an active role in their education. Let's work together as a team to help your child have a fantastic and productive year!

Weekly Folders and Conduct
Your child will bring his/her "Friday folder" home on Fridays. A conduct report and papers from the week’s lessons will be found inside this folder. Please review and discuss the papers inside with your child. All papers with numerical or letter grades will be included in your child’s report card average. If you or your child have any questions about his/her progress, please contact your child's teacher. We welcome your interest and questions about your child's academic success.

We encourage and invite parents to visit and/or volunteer. Prior to volunteering, all persons interested must register on the Aldine Website. For the protection of all children, visitors and volunteers must check in through the office and receive an identification badge. As a courtesy to the teacher, please make a prior appointment for classroom volunteering, visitations or observations. During your visit, the regular school program must continue, so please understand that the teacher cannot conference with you at this time.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Each teacher has a conference period during the school day. If you wish to have a conference with a teacher, please contact the teacher to schedule a day to meet during his/her conference time.

Parent Involvement 
Parents are encouraged to help out with school activities or in classrooms. If any parents or community members would like to volunteer their time, please contact our school counselor. In addition, parents can support their child’s education by attending school functions and responding to parent-teacher notes, phone calls and conferences. Parents can also help their child remember to complete homework, providing encouragement, arranging for appropriate study time and space, and monitoring homework.  

Staff will assist in taking out walkers, bus, car riders and daycare students. To ensure a smooth dismissal process each day, students will not be released for pickup after 2:30 P.M. unless there is an emergency. We encourage you to make doctor appointments late in the afternoon. No child will be released to anyone beside the enrolling legal parent or guardian unless Calvert Elementary has been notified in writing. Please be prepared to provide a picture ID. Staff will not release any child to anyone who has not been to the office and has not followed Calvert Elementary's release procedure or who's name is not on the list of people allowed to pickup that child. If your child’s method of transportation will be changed, you must send a note to your child’s/children’s teacher(s). Word from the student is not sufficient. If you forget to send the note in the morning, please call the office by 2:30 P.M. Without written or oral parent communication, your child will be sent home as usual.

Food Services 
If your child will be purchasing a breakfast or lunch at school, your child will need to scan his/her lunch code into the cafeteria bar code reader. If you child brings lunch money or has deposited money on their lunch account, your child can use that money to purchase lunch and any additional food items your child wishes. Some students want to eat more than what is provided with the school lunch, so Calvert Elementary offers supplemental food items that students can purchase. If you do not want your child to be able to purchase additional food items, please send a note listing your child's name and room number and a brief message that indicates you do not want your child to be able to purchase any additional food items. Any questions regarding child nutrition, food items or your child's food account balance, please call our school and ask to speak with the cafeteria manager.

Dress Code
Dress Code