Important Facts about Calvert 

Calvert Elementary School
1925 Marvell Drive 
Houston,Texas 77032 
School (281) 985-6360 
Fax (281) 985-6364

Highlight of our school: O.V. "Shorty" Calvert Elementary School opened in the fall of 1990 and is located in northeast Houston. Calvert is one of 68 campuses in the Aldine Independent School District. Calvert serves students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade. Our ethnic composition includes: 29% African-American, 67% Hispanic, 2% Anglo and 1%other. Calvert is a mandatory school uniform campus. 

Mission Statement: Calvert Elementary is a team of teachers, parents, students, and volunteers in the community, working together to prepare each student academically and socially to be a responsible citizen, critical thinker and problem solver while fostering a positive self-image. We believe all students can learn and that "Together We Can Make It Happen!" 

School and Student Distinctions: Calvert students and teachers have a history of success! The Texas Education Agency has named our school a State Exemplary Campus for 2009-10. Other T.E.A. Acknowledgements include: Title 1 Honored School and Title 1 Commended School. 

Academic Focus: Calvert is committed to producing "The Nation's Best!" Our team aims toward preparing students for literacy in Writing, Reading, Math and Technology. During instruction, students are guided through integrated and interactive activities. Discovery while learning is encouraged. Students are prepared for careers in a multi-cultural society. Positive self-esteem is instilled in the children as they communicate what they have learned.

Standardized Instructional Schedule with Shuttle Schedule
Standardized Instructional Schedule 17-18 with Shuttle Times (1).pdf